TRS-80 Model III disassembly Part 2

The first step I had even before applying power to the computer was to take it apart and do a visual inspection.

I flipped the machine over and with my handy #2 Philips screwdriver went to work. I noticed that some of the screws wobbled. Once I finished removal, I could see why.

All the plastic mounts with the exception of one, had broken free from the upper case. The one that didn’t break free from the case, broke in two. Well, that explained the loose screws.

Other issues I found after removing the main logic board cover included dislodged flex cables on the main board, badly degraded flat flex cables between the main board and rs232/floppy controller daughter boards, and bent sheet metal.

I reconnected the flex cables on the main board and removed the flex cables from the floppy controller and rs232. After looking everything else over, I decided to apply power to see if she was alive. The results…

It’s alive!!

In the next post, I’ll go over some modifications to replace the flex cables and change the drive configuration a bit.

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