My TRS-80 Model III story… Part 1

My story started when I came across an ad on eBay offering a 48K disk based TRS-80 Model 3 for $49 + $67 shipping. The machine was advertised as ” ESTATE ITEM I plugged unit in but could not get it to turn on, for parts or repair, AS IS, NO RETURNS please see pictures

In the ads photos there was obvious case damage, but the monitor didn’t have that big black spot in the middle indicative of a broken yoke.

What caught my eye was that the computer was located within a two hour drive of my house. So I decided I’d make an offer. I offered $25 with free local pickup, and to my pleasant surprise, my offer was accepted.

Now, I am the happy owner of a model 3!

The next few articles will spell out my process of diagnosis and repair.

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